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What Parents Are Saying About Writers in Residence

"Thank you is not enough to express my gratitude, Debra Bell!! Finally, I have found THE writing curriculum that doesn't drain the joy from my 5th grade. Writing has been an area of much angst for me the last couple of years, and I am so thrilled!”

Homeschool Mom

"My daughter’s spelling has been rough at best and this has made writing such a chore until we found Writers in Residence!"

Homeschool Mom 

"I am thrilled that Writers in Residence guides me to better teach my daughter. The rubrics are genius, and the fact that it so gently holds the writer's hand and guides them.--hat is pricelss to me."

Homeschool Mom


 "I love how grammar and writing are so fluid in Writers in Residence. Amazing! This really is everything I was looking for and could not find. We are so excited for the journey ahead."

Homeschool Mom

When you download your FREE Writers in Residence  sample of volumes 1 and 2, you'll receive an FAQ and our exclusive The Joy of Homeschooling e-Book with helpful and encouraging information from Debra Bell!  
Your gift includes:

  • 8 ways to boost a sense of accomplishment in your homeschool
  • Debra Bell's 150 recommended learning resources available at your local library
  • SPECIAL "Homeschool Pep Talk" poster 
  • 8 must-know facts about how children learn
  • 9 beautiful scripture and quote cards to frame and display or share with a friend
  • BONUS large Writers in Residence sample for volumes 1 and 2
  • Frequently Asked Questions guide packed with information to quickly answer your questions about volumes 1 and 2

Why Your Child Should Write Well

Today’s young writers are tomorrow’s leaders. Yet we live in a world dominated by abbreviations and emoticons and in a culture where recycling the thoughts of others substitutes for compelling communication. We must help our children capture, polish, and share their unique, God-given voices for His glory.

Why Your Family Will Love Writers in Residence 

Writers in Residence  is a a writing curriculum authored by Debra Bell and published by Apologia Educational Ministries. 

Writers in Residenceprovides a biblically-based framework for kids to think about language and communicate effectively in writing.

Your family will love this powerful learning tool because it includes:

     A complete writing curriculum  that
ates grammar, punctuation, and

  An easy-to-use All-In-One Student Text
       and Workbook


❸   A helpful answer key with directions,
        checklists, and evaluation
rubric for every
       writing assignment that takes the guesswork
       out of evaluating your child’s writing

  A detailed lesson plan outline for four days
       a week for thirty-two weeks, make  
      planning and teaching a breeze

  Appropriate content for grades 4 through 8

❻  Lively and engaging tone, written to the
      student in grades 4 through 8

❼  Visually pleasing page layouts, designed to
      guide your student through
the lessons

Compelling interviews with favorite Christian


Frequently Asked Questions