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Readers in Residence 
by Debra Bell

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How Will This Delightful New Reading Program Benefit You? 

Your home school will benefit because it: 


Contains activities for all types of learners


Is a great choice for use in co-ops and book clubs, fostering a community of readers while providing social opportunities. 


Provides students with a mentor text, teaching them to read analytically


Supplies Scriptures relevant to the unit being studied

Debra Bell, author of theWriters in Residence series, doesn't leave parents hanging. 

She has written Readers in Residence to complete your language arts curriculum. This reading comprehension, literature, and vocabulary program is available from Apologia Educational Ministries and may be used alone or along with the writing series. The first volume, Sleuth, is designed for fourth through sixth graders, those lagging behind in reading, as well as some special needs students. 

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This Will Also Help Your Students:

Analyze and draw conclusions from materials read

Lay a strong foundation for future success in reading and comprehension

Develop critical thinking skills valuable for the growth of discernment.

Reading is more than just taking in words on a page.

Some children resist reading and need to be inspired.  Others are avid readers, but they need to slow down and truly grasp the author’s meaning. It is possible to teach your young readers to process and savor what they read, appreciating good literature while being captivated by it. It is imperative to teach your children to filter what they read through the truth of God’s Word.

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Your samples includes the first three modules of unit one and more FAQ's. 

How Will Readers in Residence Help Your Students?

This reading program will help students:

Recognize the elements of literature (plot, theme, characterization)

Distinguish between literary genres

Build their vocabularies as they gather clues from the surrounding text

Identify figures of speech

Download Your FREE 100+ Page Chapter Sample and FAQ's


What grades does Readers in Residence, volume 1 cover?

Readers in Residence, volume 1 is aimed at students in 4th grade and up. It is suitable for older students who struggle with reading comprehension or who are unfamiliar with the skills taught in this program.


What makes Readers in Residence unique?

Readers in Residence is broken down into small teaching units with activities for all kinds of learners. The lessons show kids how to read analytically, book clubs help develop community, and questions at the end of each module engage families in conversation, enabling parents to see how well their children are comprehending the books being read. Scripture that is applicable to the subject is included, training students to consider literature in light of God’s Word.

Is this a course my child can complete without much supervision from me?

Yes. Most students can complete the lessons without much supervision. However, parental involvementespecially in discussion—is important to help students get the most benefit from this course.


Who is the author of Readers in Residence?

Readers in Residence is written by Debra Bell, the best-selling author of The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling, The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Teens, and the Ultimate Planners for moms, teens, and students. Debra is also the author of Writers in Residence, the composition and grammar curriculum released in 2015 by Apologia that provides a biblically based framework for kids to think about language and learn to communicate effectively in writing. Debra has taught composition and literature to students of all ages for over 30 years, as well as AP English to high schoolers for over a decade. She holds a BS in communications education, an MA in English, and a PhD in educational psychology from Temple University.

Download FREE 100+ Page Chapter Sample and FAQ's!