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Jeannie Fulbright

Jeannie Fulbright


Jeannie FulbrightJeannie Fulbright is a mother of four with a love for God’s Word, her family, homeschooling, science, and encouraging homeschool parents. After graduating from the University of Texas in 1991, she married her husband Jeff, an attorney in Georgia. Throughout their marriage, Jeannie and Jeff have dedicated time to teaching and encouraging families, speaking on topics such as developing a consistent walk with God and a powerful prayer life; building a strong marriage; nurturing a happy, healthy family; and nuts-and-bolts homeschooling topics.
Jeannie began speaking and writing in college as a sportscaster for the University of Texas and a headline writer with the Daily Texan. Following graduation and marriage, she focused on building up the Christian community, teaching marriage and parenting classes, and writing articles and Bible studies. After her homeschool journey began, Jeannie discerned an immense need for Creation-based, scientifically sound, engaging, easy-to-use science curricula. Her background in science at the University of Texas, as well as her writing experience, inspired her to create the Apologia elementary science courses. Though her primary and most consuming occupation is educating her four children, ranging from elementary through high school, she is committed to arming parents with Creation science courses, speaking around the country, and writing as the Lord leads her. During the summers, she is also working to complete a master’s degree.
Jeannie has written many articles for magazines and other publications and regularly speaks at retreats, workshops and conventions. She always makes time to answer e-mails and encourage homeschoolers on their journey.
Jeannie’s Speaking Topics

Encouraging Success in Your Children

We all want our children to lead happy, productive lives. As homeschooling parents, we feel a great burden of responsibility for their future. Ultimately, that future is in God’s hands, and our number one goal should be to steer them into a genuine, vital relationship with the Living God. Yet as the special people to whom God has entrusted these children’s lives, education, and future, we must learn to discern their unique giftings and probable vocation, ministry and purpose in life. In so doing, we will be equipped to nurture and encourage them to follow their own path to success—spiritually, emotionally, academically, and vocationally. In this talk, Jeannie Fulbright shares how to create an atmosphere that draws our children’s hearts to God; how to recognize their unique bents, talents, and gifts; and how to pass on a vision for their future and empower them to take responsibility for their walk with God, their education, and their future. She also covers issues of common concern, such as the unmotivated child, the struggling learner, and other issues we may face in our journey to encourage success in our children.

College Crash Course
Rumors abound. Some purport that colleges love homeschoolers; others warn that you need to accredit. The truth is, there is a lot of misinformation in the homeschool community. Indeed, going from homeschool to college does involve jumping through hoops. Jeannie Fulbright is here to share what those hoops are. Jeannie homeschooled her oldest child from start to finish, helping her garner Early Acceptance to the University of Georgia on scholarship, where she is now on the Dean’s List. As Jeannie navigated the opens seas of college admissions, she learned what colleges want and how to make a homeschooler an appealing college applicant. From transcripts and portfolios to the application process and everything in between, the earlier you have this information, the easier it will be sail through the hoops that’ll get your child into their college of choice.
If I Could Do It Over
Looking back over our parenting years, don’t we all wish we could have done some things differently? What if someone had given you advice that would have helped you avoid your biggest mistakes? In this talk, Jeannie Fulbright shares her greatest homeschooling mistakes in the hope of saving you from making those mistakes yourself. She addresses everything from choosing curriculum, dealing with behavior, learning disabilities, and sibling issues to having the right intentions but the wrong focus and being consumed with an avalanche of negative emotions, such as worry, anger, irritability, anxiety, and fear of failure—all brought on by lies she believed. Jeannie shares stories of the consequences she faced, as well as how our merciful God was able to redeem the years the locusts had eaten and guide her into a vibrant, joyful, and successful homeschool experience.
Trading Pressure for Peace
You’ve heard people say, “I could never homeschool my kids. They would drive me crazy.” Indeed, the greatest hindrance to homeschooling is not teaching algebra, nor is it unruly, unmotivated children; the most looming obstacle we face is the emotions that erupt when all does not go smoothly or we meet with difficulties and snares. Believe it or not, it is possible to respond to every issue with peace and strong faith. We can, like the Proverbs say, smile at the future (even when the present challenges seem impossible). This will result in a homeschool environment that’s healthy, hopeful, and helpful. Jeannie Fulbright shares from her own spiritual journey in the hope that the truth will set you free to experience the abundant life of peace that Christ provided for you each and every homeschool day.
Charlotte Mason: Excellence without Sacrifice
Filled with a strong desire to do the best for their children, many homeschoolers adopt philosophies and techniques that are both burdensome and ineffective, often leaving parents feeling heavy-laden, weary, and discouraged. There is a better way. Jeannie Fulbright shares how using the key tenets of the Charlotte Mason method will enrich and edify your family’s life, enabling you to impart a quality education while relieving burden and burnout. This lively talk is bubbling with truth as Jeannie shares her knowledge, insights, research, support and personal experiences with the primary concepts taught in Charlotte Mason’s Original Homeschooling Series.
The 7 E’s for Choosing Curriculum
As an admitted curriculum junkie, Jeannie Fulbright bought everything that sounded good. From A Beka to Hillyer to e-books, she has tried every kind of curriculum and method available. Out of this experience, she has formulated the 7 E’s to help her carefully choose curriculum that works for her family. In this seminar, she shares her experiences, as well as the conclusions she reached through this process. Following the 7 E’s in choosing homeschool curriculum will enable you to enjoy a successful homeschooling year and avoid wasting money on things that won’t work for you. These 7 E’s will ensure that your children have curriculum that conforms to your mission and goals and breathes life and ease into your homeschooling journey. 
Notebooking—Creativity with a Purpose
Tell me and I will forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand. When children create something from their learning, they will remember what they learned far longer than if they completed a worksheet page about it. This workshop explains why and how to give kids an easy, effective approach that replaces workbooks, enhances learning and retention of the subject, and develops a true love for learning. Jeannie Fulbright shares tips and actual demonstrations for replacing workbook assignments with creative ideas for science, history, geography, literature, and more. Examples and visual aids make the information easy to understand and implement in your homeschool.
Solving Your Science Struggles
Let’s face it—most people don’t like science. Why is that? It’s likely because of how science was taught to them as children. In this talk, based on years of research, data, and experience, Jeannie Fulbright shares her understanding of how science should be taught to elementary students. You will learn the keys to successfully building a solid foundation of science education, with tips, ideas, and examples for making science come to life for both parents and students. 
How to Homeschool Multiple Kids
As an experienced homeschooling mother of four children ages 12 through 19, Jeannie Fulbright shares tips and ideas to make homeschooling children of different ages and abilities a breeze.
Imparting a Biblical Worldview to Your Children
What is a biblical worldview? How does our worldview affect the quality of our lives? How does it shape our words, our actions and choices?  Armed with a Biblical Worldview, our children will be more equipped to walk with the Lord as adults. We don’t have to be perfect parents or super spiritual to impart a Biblical worldview; we only need be aware and purposeful and often humble. In this talk, Jeannie will explore these issues and give specific ideas for giving your children an eternal perspective and a strong Biblical Worldview, so that they will be ready to face the world. 
Lord, Help Me! Developing a Powerful Prayer Life
The secret to homeschooling success is in being strengthened and led by the Lord. In this workshop, Jeannie Fulbright tells her story and her amazing journey of prayer, as well as sharing tips and advice on how to begin a consistent prayer life. She includes practical advice on how to seek God before purchasing curriculum, how to lean on God for every subject we teach, and how to find strength in Him when school seems overwhelming. Jeannie also shares ideas on how to begin a prayer journal, find and be consistent with a prayer partner, wage warfare in prayer, and teach our children to offer their struggles to the Father in prayer.
How to Build Your House
“A wise woman builds her house, but a foolish one tears it down with her own hands.” During this talk, Jeannie shares the story of how God changed her from a destructive, foolish woman and showed her the secrets to becoming a godly wife. Using house construction as an example, Jeannie sheds light on the importance of submission, respect, forgiveness, and many other concepts that will result in a home built on solid ground. This workshop will motivate women to protect and enrich their marriage.
Homeschooling: Methods that Win and Methods that Wipe Out
This workshop uncovers the reasons why we get discouraged as we travel the road of homeschooling. We tie up heavy burdens, place them on our backs, and struggle through each day using overly difficult principles and practices that drag us down. By mid-year, we are so exhausted and depleted that we wonder how we’ll ever get through. Consequently, the joy of following God’s will in homeschooling is missing. This should not be! Jeannie Fulbright explains how many homeschool moms employ philosophies, techniques, and methodologies that consume a great deal of time and energy with little result. She enables you to identify wasteful methods and empowers you with winning methods, including both the latest research in educational methodology as well as time-tested practices that the founders of our country used to achieve an excellent education. She gives practical tips and ideas that will breathe life into your school day and includes ideas for organizing your school day, scheduling, and fitting difficult subjects into the week. 


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  1. Stephanie says:

    I am preparing our speaker schedule for the 2013-2014 school year. We are a Homeschool group in Richmond, Va and a great many of us use the Apologia books. We'd love to sit and be encouraged by having you speak at one of our monthly meeting. Our current year speakers are booked, and I am looking towards next year calendar. We meet on the 2nd Thursday evening of every month and our group is geared towards moms and dads, with the kids in a program designed for them.

    Would you be available to speak (please name the months best for you) and what are your speaker requirements, including cost.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Stephanie Konicki
    Home Educators at Grove

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