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David Webb

David Webb

Watch an interview with David as he talks about worldview, teaching the Bible at home, the importance of homeschooling fathers, and what we can do to keep our kids from walking away from the church as teens.


David Webb is co-author of the What We Believe series, Apologia’s acclaimed Bible curriculum for elementary and junior high students. The What We Believe books and notebooking journals have been voted the #1 family Bible curriculum by readers of Practical Homeschooling and The Old Schoolhouse magazines.


A twenty-year veteran of the publishing industry, David has developed Christian books and resources alongside many of the leading voices in the church from around the world. Previously, he worked in the motion picture industry and was a leader in adult education in Los Angeles. There, David taught a popular film class where he shared a stage with many award-winning actors, writers, directors, and craftspeople.


Today, David serves as executive editor for Apologia, and he teaches the What We Believe series as an instructor with Apologia Online Academy. In addition to the four books he has authored with John Hay of Summit Ministries—Who Is God?, Who Am I?, Who Is My Neighbor?, and What on Earth Can I Do?—David has written four coloring books and eight notebooking journals and is currently at work on an all-new course for high school students.


David is a work-at-home dad, an avid reader, a film buff, and a trivia hound. He even has his own theme song! David and his wife, Peggy, have homeschooled their six children since 1990.

David’s Speaking Topics

New! What We Believe: Teaching the Bible (Painlessly) at Home

We think our children know—and agree with—what we as Christian parents believe about God, the universe, people, truth, and right and wrong. But in the absence of intentional and strategic discipleship at home, breakdowns in communicating our faith to the next generation are all too common. And most of us won’t recognize our failure until the damage is already done. Here’s how you can effectively and painlessly ensure that everyone in your family is on the same page—while setting the feet of your elementary and junior high students on an unshakable foundation of faith.


New! Engaging Your Brain (and Guarding Your Heart) at the Movies

Before we buy our tickets to the latest blockbuster, we as Christians need to be informed and prepared. Rather than worrying about the kinds of movies our children will be exposed to when they leave the nest, we need to prepare and empower them to make good viewing choices. In this fun but important workshop, you will learn to watch movies and talk about them with your family in a way that goes well beyond a film’s entertainment value. Understand what the filmmakers are really saying about truth, love, marriage, character, and heroism. Learn to celebrate the truths revealed in a movie and use them to point others to God, while being prepared to counter any lies being passed off as truth. For teens and adults.


New! What ‘Star Wars’ Can Teach Us About Christian Faith

Do you ever get the sense that, like Luke Skywalker, you were made for something much bigger than your everyday life? That’s because your world, your home school, your faith isn’t supposed to be this small. Nothing about your life is ordinary when you serve the all-powerful, all-knowing Creator of the universe! You don’t have to be a Star Wars fan to find inspiration in this workshop. This seminar is about rediscovering your sense of awe and wonder—something many of us have successfully squelched from our daily lives. But God never meant it to be that way. Learn how you can feel like a kid again by embracing childlike faith. Marvel at the mysterious, laugh anew at life’s “coincidences,” and take your first step into a larger world. For families and adults.


What to Do Now to Keep Your Kids from Walking Away from Their Faith Later

Why are three out of four young Christians walking away from the church after the age of 15? For many, it’s because their experience of the Christian faith has been shallow—they haven’t been taught how to think about what they believe, and so their faith is easily shaken when they first encounter obstacles. For others, it’s because they never had a clear understanding of what the church believes and cannot really articulate their faith. But there is a remedy! Learn what you can do right now to help your children stay the course as teenagers and young adults.


Author! Author! How to Get Your Book Published

Do you enjoy writing stories but have no idea how to get them into print? Do people read your homeschooling blog and say, “You ought to write a book!”? Whether you’re a student or a parent, whether you enjoy writing fiction or nonfiction, this workshop is for you! Learn from a professional book editor how to maximize your chances of getting a book contract. Here are just some of the topics we’ll cover: Preparing a winning book proposal, avoiding common mistakes that cause editors to reject a manuscript, what an agent does and whether you need one, knowing the best writing conferences to attend, deciding when and how to self-publish, and promoting your book. Bring your questions and learn how to make your dreams of becoming an author come true! For teens and adults.


Captain Marvel Unmasked! Revealing Your Child’s True Identity in Christ

Our public schools have sacrificed American education on the altar of children’s self-esteem. Christian homeschoolers have largely (and wisely) rejected this approach to learning, but does that mean our children shouldn’t feel good about themselves? On the contrary! God has some amazing things to say about your kids, their purpose, and their future; and you need to help them to see themselves through God’s eyes. Here’s how providing them with a biblical self-image while they’re young can help win the war our enemy is waging against our children.


New! You Can Be a Super Dad!

Dad, maybe you’ve been standing on the homeschool sidelines, reluctant to enter the fray while your wife tries to organize both a home and a school without losing her mind. She may already be in the early stages of distress and burnout, and she needs a hero NOW. And only YOU can be that hero! But you don’t need to fall into a vat of toxic chemicals or get bitten by a radioactive spider to gain miraculous powers and abilities. You don’t need to be faster than a speeding bullet or leap tall buildings in a single bound to be the hero your family needs. You just need to step up and gladly shoulder some of the household and/or homeschooling burden. Your wife needs to know for sure that you are engaged in this venture. In this session, you will learn several nontraditional ways to say “Thank you” and “I love you,” and six ideas for supporting your wife along the homeschooling journey. For Dads.


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  1. Stephanie says:

    I am preparing our speaker schedule for the 2013-2014 school year. We are a Homeschool group in Richmond, Va and a great many of us use the Apologia books. We'd love to sit and be encouraged by having you speak at one of our monthly meeting. Our current year speakers are booked, and I am looking towards next year calendar. We meet on the 2nd Thursday evening of every month and our group is geared towards moms and dads, with the kids in a program designed for them.

    Would you be available to speak (please name the months best for you) and what are your speaker requirements, including cost.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Stephanie Konicki
    Home Educators at Grove

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